Clyde Injury Clinic is a modern therapy centre established to provide Inverclyde with the highest standard of treatment and rehabilitation for a wide range of musculoskeletal problems.

Since 2009, Clyde Injury Clinic has increased accessibility to rehabilitation and therapy services within the local and wider area, providing a fast and effective service to those who deem health, wellbeing & fitness a priority. We provide a holistic service for the injured, always striving for complete rehabilitation instead of only providing symptomatic relief.

Clyde Injury Clinic is situated at the edge of Greenock's town centre on Brougham Street and offers a comprehensive range of therapies and rehabilitative practices to private or healthcare patients, tailored to each clients specific needs & goals. Our philosophy is to develop a patient-centred approach, giving clients ownership and input into their rehabilitation.



I had suffered with severe and unexplained sciatica and pain in both legs for almost 4 years. I had tried acupuncture, chiropractic and conventional medicine, but with limited or no relief and then only on a short term basis. I had in fact resigned myself to a life of, at times, unbearable pain and with a steadily diminishing capacity to walk.

My great fortune was for Philip to open the Clyde Injury Clinic at the moment I had almost given up on ever finding a treatment and explanation of the pain I was suffering. Within the first consultation, Philip was able to diagnose and put in place a rehabilitation and recovery plan and to finally give me the cause of my pain, putting my mind at rest and giving me the confidence to embark on treatment.

I am now well on the road to recovery and have no doubt in my mind that without his skill I would have gradually lost the ability to walk and my quality of life would have continued to deteriorate. I have no hesitation in recommending the Clyde Injury Clinic to anyone who is suffering pain or wishes to regain their fitness and quality of life. The facilities on site are excellent and Philip's calm and confident approach, together with his professional skills, provide a vital and much needed service to Inverclyde.

Danelle Egan
Civil Servant

I was off work for over a year due to suffering back and leg problems. I heard about Clyde Injury Clinic and thought I had nothing to lose by giving it a try. Phil quickly located my problems and has worked wonders with me; basically I went in limping and came out walking. I am now back at work and wish to thank Phil as he has turned my last year around.

Tam McWilliamson

I'd suffered recurring pain in my lower back and pelvic area on and off for several years and decided to use Phil's service, as the pain I was experiencing was becoming worse. Phil set up a 6-8 week programme for me and was able to locate immediately where my problem was coming from. The sessions were thorough and always left me feeling physically better and more optimistic that I was getting to the root of it all. Phil also set up for me a routine of exercises and stretches that I could do in my own time on a daily basis, which have helped keep my core area strong and free of pain since. I was very happy with the service

Jack Watt

I am a veteran long distance runner and focus mainly on Marathons and Ultra Marathons. To be able to compete I run up to 100 miles a week in training.

I was looking for regular sports massages to help me to maintain my high weekly mileage in training and also prepare me for the actual race. My ambitious plan was to sustain 8 minute mile pace over the 56 miles of the Glasgow to Edinburgh Ultra Marathon (“Double Marathon”).

Phil achieved exactly what I was looking for…During my high mileage training he helped my overused and over trained muscles to recover by using a deep tissue massage and he provided the perfect level of depth when he prepared me for the actual race.

I was more than happy with the performance of my legs. On race day I managed to sustain sub 7:30 minute per mile over the entire distance which was even quicker than my “A” target. There is no question for me that I could not have achieved this without Phil's help. Thanks.

Thomas Loehndorf,
IT Consultant

I can vouch for the excellent treatment by a qualified practitioner.

James Stevenson

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